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    General Rules

    Griefing other players by intentionally stealing things they have forgotten to claim, blowing up builds, building walls around their build all to cause harm to another3 days+ ban based on severity
    Using something that gives you an advantage over other players that is not pre-approved like abusing glitches, hacked clients, transparent resource packs (for xray), auto clickers, macros, auto fishers, etc...Ban based on severity
    Extremely offensive usernamesBan until name changed, if it's a nickname you will be given a verbal warning to change it if you refuse or use offensive names in the future you will have your nickname rights revoked
    Inappropriate builds like penises, swastikas, weed farms, etc...The build will be removed and you might be banned based on severity

    Chat Rules

    Advertising other servers to players on the server or directly in private through discord without consent7 days+ ban based on severity
    Threats against people or the server like threatening to DoS, releasing personal information, etc...Ban based on severity
    Scamming of any form will not be tolerated1 day ban to life based on severity
    Trolling players and staff is not allowedMute based on severity
    Spamming repeated messages to chat in quick succession, not speaking english, repeated nonsense and over 6+ excessive character usage for example "Heeeeeey" or "Heelooo"Verbal warning > warning point
    Attacking someone verbally, insulting their race, sexual preference, etc...Verbal warning > warning point OR mute/ban based on severity
    Attempting to bypass the chat filterVerbal warning > warning point. If you don't like the chat filter turn it off in /config
    Impersonating staff or playersVerbal warning > warning point