Staff Application, TehDuckMeister

Discord Name
Piggysfly #7234
Time Zone
Staff Experiences
I have very little staff experiences, I ran a private server with a few of my friends. However I hope for this to be my start of staff experiences on minecraft.
Knowledge of general commands
4.00 star(s)
3.00 star(s)
4.00 star(s)
Why You?
You should pick me as I can provide support, knowledge and friendliness to rift-land. I recognize that I have close to no staff experiences but I believe I can still help by being the best I can be. I think I have a good knowledge of the sever from my time playing and from my bug finding.
Why should we choose you as a staff member?
You should choose me as a staff member because I can pick up the knowledge and judgement needed to be staff quickly, also I believe I can be fun and playful but can switch to being professional and mature when needed.
How will you help the server?
I will help the server by providing my time and support to new players that wish to get started on the server but need guidance. I can also help the server by giving feedback and bug reports.
Why do you want to become a staff member?
I want to be a staff member because I wish to help rift-land in all ways I can so it can grow and become a safe and enjoyable experience for those who come to play on rift-land.
Hope you consider me to be staff on rift-land, thanks for your time.